Sensei Gyuszi Suto San-dan (3rd dan)

Started karate in the city of Cluj, Romania in 1981 as a college freshman. At the time karate was banned in the Communist Romania. Training sessions were held under secrecy, sometimes disguised as ju-do training. Some years the police was so strict that the dojos were closed down entirely. Still the training continued in a remote forest. Trained under Sensei Dan Stuparu (currently the head of the Romanian Traditional Karate Federation) until he moved to the USA in 1990. Trained 2 years in Colorado under the ISKF system under sensei Yaguchi's organization. Moved to Intel Oregon in 1993. Joined sensei Nishiyama's AAKF/ITKF organization. Got his shodan (1st degree) in August of 1995. Founded Intel Karate Club in the fall of 1995 and has been teaching there ever since. Promoted to ni-dan in February 2005 and san-dan in February 2012. After decades of training still on a continuous journey for seeking harmony and balance.

Sensei Guido Fischer San-dan (3rd dan)

We are also pleased to have Sensei Guido Fisher,San-Dan (3rd degree black belt) Sensei Guido had been practicing Shotokan Karate in South Africa since 1982, training under Senseis Ken Whitstock and Stan Schmidt for several years. After relocating to Pretoria to attend University, Guido trained with the university Shotokan Karate team and soon thereafter joined the SKI organization in Pretoria headed by Sensei Koos Burger and Soon Pretorius. He graded for Ni - dan in 1991. While with the SKI, several seminars and training camps were attended with the likes of Kanasawa Sensei, Norman Robinson, Mike Ducas and Nigel Jackson Senseis. In 1996, Guido immigrated to the Netherlands where he trained with Senseis, Wilbert Derks and Eric van Uden. During his stay in the Netherlands, seminars were attended with Kawawada Sensei, Sawada sensei, Enoeda sensei and others. A company transfer brought Guido to Hillsboro Oregon where he initially trained with the JKF organization for 2 years. He joined the Intel Shotokan Karate club in November 2002. Throughout his Karate career in South Africa, the Netherlands and here in Oregon, Guido has been teaching beginners as well as advanced classes to adults as well as children. He runs a Shotokan dojo in the Jackson school neighborhood and teaches in Bethany.

Sensei Ritch Rice San-dan (3rd dan)

Sensei Ritch Rice started training ShotoKan Karate (JKA) in 1989 while attending Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois and received his Shodan Dan (1st degree) in 1993 under JKA in the Mid-West Region.

After completing his MSEE at SIU in 1994, Ritch moved to the NW region and in 1999 after joining the Intel Corporation, Ritch joined the Intel Karate Club and has been training in the Northwest Region (JKA/AAKF/ITKF) since.

Ritch received his Ni-Dan rank in February 2007 under Nishiyama Sensei (JKA/AAKF/ITKF, 9th Dan). Promoted to San-Dan in May 2015.

Lynn Zhang.
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